Has his own music shop and is also a submarine engineer----or that's what he claimed when found passing trombone slide oil to a sub-mariner. One of the brighter members of the club with an IQ of 145 or 6½ depending upon the questions asked and was a child prodigy by the age of 33. Is a natural mis-timer of the ball and always has two short legs when bowling...........come to think of it, he always has had two short legs.
Joined the club

When he got the sack for mis-behaviour in Snow White's team.
Current position in the club


"Little man with beard"
Previous clubs

The Garden Pond Piscatorial Society.
Most embarrassing moment

Being ejected from the "Pepsi Max Big One" at Blackpool for failing the height test.
Other Hobbies

Nuclear physics and ludo.
Favourite food/drink

Carnations and other table decorations.

Setting fire to garden sheds.
Doing press ups with drunken vikings on his back.
Losing things --- glasses, mobile phone, car keys, golf clubs etc.

To be able to remember where he put his glasses, mobile phone, car keys etc. etc.
Most memorable moment

About 3 years ago when he went through a whole day without losing his glasses, mobile phone, car keys etc. etc.


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