Bill (the builder) is one of the longest serving members of the club,having been bringing the drinks out for some 30 years, and apart from a 25 year gap has been a regular player. He specializes as a number 11 batsman and fields at long leg with his nose at short leg. He has been the inspiration of many real and fictional characters e.g. Cyrano De Bergerac, Pinochio and Barry Manilow.
Joined the club

After escaping from Germany when the wall he was building fell down.(It was due to be rebuilt by Eastern Europeans but they escaped with him)
Current position in club


Billy the Brickie, Willy the Banker or Bignose.
Previous clubs

The Rieperbahn Legover Association

Not building walls
Most memorable moment

Laying the final brick in the wall between England and Scotland.
Favourite persons

Jimmy Durante; Hadrian
Favourite food/drink

Scraps and schnapps.

To rebuild the wall in Berlin
Most embarrassing moment

To save him any embarrassment this section has been left blank--------but for a small fee !!!!!!!

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