An absolute legend.....but it has nothing to do with cricket. He has retired from playing and now retires many others with his umpiring decisions. He has also retired many vehicles with his car repairing skills.He has largely been wasted in life,with his wonderful dexterity and tact he would have made a marvelous watchmaker or politician. A relentless worker behind the scenes and he deserves any accolades he gets -------he has yet to receive one.
Joined the club

When the donkey pulling his caravan died passing through Downe.
Current position in the club

Geriatric ward

Silver donkey
Previous clubs

The Royal and Ancient Order of Badger Baiters

Making things disappear
Most memorable moment

A feat that can only be equalled but never surpassed........I can't remember what it was !!
Favourite person

Anyone who buys him a drink
Favourite food/drink

Boiled badger; baked hedgehog; distilled dandelion and burdock

To get another donkey
Most embarrassing moment

Has never been embarrassed----but his donkey


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