Has recently become a full time London Cab driver after completing the knowledge in record time (28 years 45 days 6 hours & 27 mins) and now plays cricket and golf regularly (laxatives). The golf is compulsory of course; as is talking rubbish over his left shoulder. A gifted player who, only this year, shared in a club record 8th wicket partnership of 50 before being out for a duck.
Joined the club

Because his father told him to.
Current position in club

All rounder ---- about 2 stone rounder than when he joined.

Most people believe it to be "Muscle" because it rhymes; but it is in fact "Mussel" because the vicar had a hair lip.
Previous clubs

Charles Darwin Comprehensive School Exclusion Club

Knowing when to stop bowling.
Most memorable moment

The birth of his son because he then had someone who'd listen when telling his most memorable moments.
Favourite person

The man who gave him a fare to Brighton
Favourite books/films

The "A" to "Z" of London.
Taxi Driver

To give up golf
Other hobbies

Cleaning vomit out of the back of his taxi



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