Martin has been a member since he actually had some hair at the age of 14. He is still playing every week at the grand old age of 93. He is the father of Danielle and Trub and two labrador dogs.
Joined the club

When told he could no longer play for his school anymore due to lack of hair.
Current position in the club

Secretary and captain of "Team Parfett" ; a sub section of Downe Cricket Club. Chief breaker of lawn mowers.

"Daddy " --- well that's what 2 members of the club call him, or "Parf" to his elders.
Previous clubs

Tonbridge Flood Plain Rowing Club
Favourite Song

River Stay Away From My Door
Most embarrassing moments

Having a lighter bat than his 16yr old son and going out dressed as Virgil.

To see Palace win the FA cup and to see his son score a ton against a proper team.
Most memorable moment.

Missing out on scoring a hundred because his daughter (who was scoring) mis-counted the overs and called the teams in too early.

Thinking he can get away with wearing his socks with sandals in the summer.
Favourite person

Ian Dowie for sending Charlton back to the Championship and then helping to get Newcastle relegated in the following season.


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