We are a small village cricket club who play friendly matches every Sunday throughout the summer, mainly at the club's ground in the village of Downe in North West Kent.

Our ground is situated in Luxted Road, Downe, about 1/2 mile south of the village centre going towards Biggin Hill, a short distance from Down House. (map)

The cricket ground is part of the land belonging to Down House currently owned by English Heritage, a previous owner being Charles Darwin, who lived there for 40 years whilst writing his famous book "On The Origin Of Species".

The club dates back many years, to at least Darwin's time - the earliest known report of cricket being played there is in 1865. It is of a match "played at Down House Paddock by kind permission of Chas. Darwin Esq., between eleven gentlemen of Downe, and eleven gentlemen of Farnborough".

Charles Darwin lived there for 40 years until his death in 1882, and when not busy working, mentions "billiards and occasional cricket" as his recreational interests. Considering he owned the ground there is little doubt that on some occasions he must have played for the club.

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Unfortunately the rain caused our last match of the season to be cancelled. The hottest summer since 1976 but because of bad weather we only managed to play 15 games.

All I've got to look forward to now for the next few months is watching :- spitting, snarling, shirt pulling, diving, by all footballers, silly haircuts by black footballers and, of course, Rotherham trying to avoiding relegation.

Look in the Picture Gallery for some photos and video of Bob Holden's arrival at the ground for the last game.

The seasons batting awards go to Donut and Marcus and the bowling awards to Sweet and Denzil - well done you four !! .........see Records




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